Seattle Chip Away

 Should I have my rock chip repaired?
In almost all cases you should have it repaired NOW. The National Glass Association says repairs performed soon after the damage occurs, almost always look better than ones done long after the chip damage

Most insurance companies consider windshield repair a no-fault claim and hence would not affect your insurance rates. All major insurance companies encourage and have recognized the benefits of windshield repair, to them, to you, and to our environment. Most insurance companies will waive the deductible requirement if a windshield is repaired rather than replaced, reducing your cost to zero


windshield repair has saved companies and consumers billions of dollars versus replacement. The federal Highway Safety Act of 1968 required all vehicles sold in the U.S. be equipped with shatter resistant or laminated safety glass windshields. Researchers immediately recognized the economic and environmental benefits of creating a method to repair shatter resistant windshields. Repair would give consumers a cost saving alternative to windshield replacement while contributing to the nation’s environmental priority of reducing the burden on America’s overflowing landfills. 

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